Camille And South Africa Tour

There are certain players who are instrumental in getting certain victories for their teams. Camille Lopez, fly half from Clermont Auvergne was instrumental in helping the French reach the finals when the European Rugby Champions Cup final was played. The match had been against Saracens. However, recent news is that he will not be part of the team that is preparing for the tour of South Africa.

There is much to talk about Camille Lopez. For instance, how this twenty eight year old player has been instrumental in winning about 16 caps for the country. There is a final match coming up this Sunday where he would be participating. The match would be part of the Top 14 which would be played against Toulon.

For those who think that he should have been part of the South African tour entourage, he would have been but then the decision was taken that he will now rest. That might be because he has been part of the domestic season that has been a long one. Hence, he would not be traveling to Les Bleus this time. It does not seem that he would be having a replacement either, as per Noves’ inputs.

Noves stated that he would wait now. Replacements could be possible among players like Damien Chouly, back row player or Remi Lamerat of center. They are colleagues of Lopez from Clermont. Lopez has been first choice to play for France since Francois Trinh-Duc had gotten injured in November while playing in the match against Samoa. However, since then Lopez has been playing for long and the upcoming Sunday final would be his 31st match of the current season. He definitely needs rest in order to retain his form for other upcoming matches. That is probably what has been in the mind of the team’s authorities.