Wales And France In Six Nations Finals

The final match in Six Nations league will see Wales taking on France. They would consider taking calculated risks as the Wales team expects an onslaught coming on from the Mathieu Bastareaud’s side. Mathieu being the France midfielder has been taking part in a training session arranged in Marcoussis. This is part of the preparations that the team would do for the Saturday’s match in Cardiff against Wales.

The games at Six Nations are dependent on points that determine the prize money. Even if the title might not be available, but the difference in coming second or coming fifth would cost the Welsh Rugby Union £2 million. This explains why the selection of Wales is a contradictory one. This team, as well as Scotland has been able to expand their portfolio this Six Nations season. Warren Gatland the Wales coach has advised his team to play with abandon laced with pragmatism against a side that relies on straight line running and on their physical strength. Wales has been able to deal with such aspects easily in this decade which has resulted in a home victory in four consecutive times.

Hence Wales will take calculated risks and wait for the right moment as well as the final quarter. This is a time when the lack of fitness of the French team often opens up opportunities. For France this has been their shortcoming when they had been in control of the game against England while in the last quarter it seemed to be almost slipping away. The final play of their game against Ireland also ended in defeat for the same reasons. Wales will try and absorb the blows before they take on counter attack strategies. It remains to be seen how the match plays out. Wales had gained victory over France in the past and they will depend on the same strategies to get a win.