France’s Likelihood Of A Winning Bid

Among the three countries that have placed bids for hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2023, France has put in a lucrative bid. They had hosted the tournament in years like 1991, 1999 and 2007. The country has several ultra modern stadiums that were given a makeover or renovated for the European football championship held last year.

Hence, these venues would prove ideal for hosting the different games if the bid comes through in their favor. The competing nations are Ireland and South Africa. The latter had failed past bids for holding the Rugby World Cup in 2019, 2015 and 2011.

What would be required in order to host the World Rugby Cup would be substantial financial backing. This was something that held Ireland back till the last moment. Indeed, the financial repercussions are considerable for any major international tournament to be hosted, especially of a World Cup level.

When such aspects are considered, France seems to have the requisite infrastructure in place. It is said that the bid they have placed would involve twelve cities across the country. Whichever country will win the bid they will have to put in a US $150 million as tournament hosting fee. France is confident that they would be able to raise US $350 million as revenue if they host the world tournament. The 2015 World Cup was held in Wales and England. The event that is coming up in 2019 would be held in Japan. There are probabilities that South Africa might be seen as a favored nation this time as they have not hosted this world level tournament for quite a while. The reason that the country has not been holding world level tournaments for quite some time is because they were stripped of the opportunity to hold the 2022 Commonwealth Games.